Stockade is a recognized leader in providing engagement services for higher education institutions and non-profit organizations. We specialize in partnering with our clients, connecting with their target audiences, and successfully generating desired actions and results. Whether Stockade is bolstering an enrollment management program, facilitating an annual fund phonathon, or implementing communication tactics for an outreach campaign, our methodology centers around meeting the needs of our clients through effective collaboration. Therefore, Stockade’s highest priority is to operate with integrity, which is why we are committed to building relationships and trust with both our clients and their constituencies. It is a simple formula for success derived from an even simpler concept: in all that we do, we strive to be A REFLECTION OF YOU.

Introducing Stockade’s Strategic Advising And Consulting Services

Building upon decades of successful phone and web-based practices, Stockade has recently added a suite of strategic advising and consulting services, staffed by seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in higher education and non-profit management. We realize that the needs of our clients have become more comprehensive as institutions and organizations face new challenges combined with diminishing resources.

We also recognize two critically important factors about our solutions:

  1. they must be customizable in order to appropriately meet and match the unique needs and identities of our clients; and
  2. they must be sustainable so our clients can affordably partner with us and then phase us out of the equation whenever necessary.

Higher Education Is Our Specialty

With nearly half a century of combined experience, Stockade’s founders have been helping colleges and universities reach their enrollment and fundraising goals for decades. Our expertise within higher education ensures that we deliver our services with the capability and understanding that this noble field deserves.

We also focus on generating results with integrity because this is important to you and it matters to us. Whether Stockade is boosting your institution’s recruitment and enrollment efforts or facilitating phonathon campaigns with your alumni, we are eager to help you succeed through collaboration by taking all the right steps.