The Stockade Group

Higher Education Is Our Specialty

For 25 years, The Stockade Group has been working with colleges and universities to help them reach and exceed their advancement and enrollment goals. Your needs and challenges demand a partner that can deliver scalable services, solutions, and support, guided by a team of professionals who have had the experience of sitting in your seat.

You may be seeking our partnership to support your advancement and fundraising initiatives, to bolster your institution’s recruitment and enrollment efforts, or to implement communication tactics for an outreach campaign. Regardless of your reasons for connecting with us, we are eager to help you succeed through effective collaboration.

Stockade’s Strategic and Tactical Advising and Support Services

Since its beginnings, Stockade has specialized in engaging your target audiences and generating desired actions and results. Whether these audiences consist of your alumni and friends or your prospective students, we embrace the same expectations for ourselves as you would hold for your department: always operate with integrity and always place high value on relationships that are established with your constituencies.

Stockade has recently added a suite of strategic and tactical advising and support services, staffed by seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in advancement and enrollment for colleges and universities, independent schools, and non-profit organizations. We realize that your needs and challenges have become more comprehensive, and we recognize two critically important factors:

  1. Our services must be customizable in order to appropriately provide solutions and support for your unique needs and institutional identity; and
  2. Our services must be both scalable and sustainable so you can affordably partner with us and then smoothly phase us out of the equation whenever necessary.