Student Recruitment

The Stockade Group is a leader in customized solutions for your recruitment and enrollment outreach efforts and strategies, working with you to facilitate everything from prospective student qualification surveys to prospective student event and open house attendance to application and financial aid form completion to admitted student yield efforts and programs. Our experience and expertise with coordinating affordable, results-oriented outreach initiatives will help you to meet and exceed your enrollment goals. Stockade’s TSG Advance © technology allows you to choose:

  • Your campus and your students
  • Our team of professional callers
  • Combination of both

At Your Side

Your challenges, culture, and goals are unique, thus we recognize that our partnership with you requires tailored solutions in order to match your institutional and departmental needs. Stockade’s seasoned professionals are here for you along every step of the way:

  • Set-up and training
  • Strategy development
  • List append services
  • Script writing support
  • Call recording, coaching, and mentoring
  • Ongoing accessibility to your account supervisory team
  • Survey assessment
  • Reporting, analysis, and review
  • Implementation of necessary adjustments

Engagement Strategies and Communication Tools

Stockade offers and assists with various strategies, tactics, and communication methods and technologies to execute an outreach and engagement campaign. This ensures that we help you effectively connect with your prospective and admitted students in order to achieve desired results throughout your admissions cycle. The key to success is working with you to devise a cost-effective plan that fully leverages any or all of the following:

  • Prospective and admitted student engagement
    • Qualification of interest
    • Promotion of admissions staff appearances at school visits and college fairs
    • Promotion of on and off campus prospective and admitted student events
    • Appointment setting for meetings with admissions staff on and off campus
    • Applicant document completion reminders
    • Yield initiatives and retention management
  • Phone outreach
    • Outbound and inbound call capabilities
    • Custom caller ID
  • Automated voicemail messaging
    • Landline numbers
    • Mobile numbers
  • Email and text messaging
  • Digital and social media strategies
  • Direct mail strategies