Enrollment Management

You are being charged with investing more resources on the recruitment of greater numbers of students each year. Meanwhile, your recruitment and enrollment strategy can fall apart if your institution’s prospect pool isn’t properly managed to determine student interest and to build a positive relationship with your school.

Depending on your needs and challenges, The Stockade Group can partner with you to focus on a singular project or a longer-term campaign to bolster your recruitment, admissions, and retention efforts. Guided by a team of experienced professionals, we are here to: (1) discover students who are most interested in your institution, (2) increase student interest through personal interaction, and (3) help interested students move successfully along your pipeline.

Because our advisors have been in your seat, we know how important it is to engage prospective students (and their parents/guardians) as part of your game plan.  Stockade will do this with you, and we will deliver analytics to inform your decision-making:

  • Who to focus recruitment efforts on
  • Who to give what information to, and when
  • Who to stop paying attention to

For 25 years, Stockade has been helping colleges and universities exceed their enrollment goals by providing fundamental services and support. Throughout this period of time, we have always embraced the fact that our clients have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to navigating their responsibilities. Our job is to collaborate with you and work together, never losing sight of our founder and chairman’s business model built upon integrity, relationships, and results.

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