Enrollment Advising

Because The Stockade Group’s enrollment advisors collectively have decades of experience sitting in your seat, we understand that it is essential to never stop recruiting. We also know that you are keenly aware of the tools and intelligence necessary to enhance your institution’s success with enrollment goals. Stockade’s team can provide guidance on the development and execution of your recruitment and admissions campaign, and we focus on fulfilling fundamental responsibilities that help you: qualify your prospect pool, identify the most interested students, weed out “ghost” prospects, encourage application and financial aid form completion, promote prospective and admitted student events, bolster yield and retention initiatives, and reduce the challenges of summer melt.

When it comes to Stockade’s enrollment advising services and support, our seasoned professionals take a methodical step-by-step approach that is guided by candor, thoughtfulness, and transparency; and our fees are based solely on the scope of services and support required for your project or campaign. More importantly, we do not create work in areas where your institution or department is already functioning at an optimal level.

Step-by-Step Approach

  • Initial assessment
  • Proposal
  • Agreement on next steps
  • Audit involving additional research and interviews with internal and external constituencies (as needed)
  • Report and review of audit findings and determination of next steps/solutions
  • Implementation of solutions
  • Evaluation and analysis

 Areas of Advising Services and Support

  • Strategic planning for annual recruitment and enrollment campaigns
  • Development of strategies and tactics for marketing, communications, and branding
  • Digital and social media strategies
  • Financial aid modeling: strategic price/discount analysis to support optimal incoming revenue
  • On and off-campus event program development
  • Alumni admissions volunteer program development
  • Department, office, and program analysis
  • Staff development strategies